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Why Introverts Hate Small Talk

As introverts many times we find our selves meeting new people and just being exhausted by all of the small talk. We are not good at it, but we have to do it anyway because that is what society expects us to be doing when we meet someone for the first time. So how can … Read more

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Entry Level Jobs For Introverts [Park Ranger to Freelancer]

entry level jobs for introverts min

So you’re an introvert. You’re new to the job market. Everything you can find is fast-paced or customer service focused. You tried a couple of these jobs but their high stress and they mess with your mental health or they just make you really tired. These jobs just don’t fit your personality type. You don’t … Read more

15 Symptoms Of A Highly Sensitive Person

highly sensitive person

You might have heard the phrase highly sensitive people before. Maybe you’ve wondered what exactly it means. What makes someone a highly sensitive person? It’s kind of a vague phrase, even subjective if you’re unfamiliar with it. You may even wonder if it’s a description that fits you or someone you love. Maybe you have … Read more

Running Out Of Energy

Introvert energy drained

Imagine you’re running on a warm day. You’re on a slight incline, nothing major but you know it’s there. You like running, it’s an enjoyable experience for you. As you run, your energy wains. Of course it does, no one can run forever. Your body can only take so much running, your endurance only reaches … Read more

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