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Introverts will always be misunderstood. Misunderstanding is the theme running through most if not all introvert quotes. Our great strength is that we think more than we speak. We listen, we take in information, we learn, we observe. We create abstract worlds from nothing in our minds, great works of art take seed and bloom, debates rage and philosophical questions turn over and over.

It is also our greatest weakness. To be understood, we need to speak. Deep thought and reflection is mistaken for shyness and lack of confidence. When we take time alone to recharge, it seems that we are withdrawing from social contact.

We can appear the strongest, most resilient people and we are. What people don’t understand is that strength is a finite resource that we expend when interact with others. It is a finite resource that needs to recharged, in quiet moments alone with our thoughts. We can listen well and empathise. We don’t appear scary or intimidating. Because of this, those in need will lean on us and we will let them. Despite it being emotionally and mentally taxing, we don’t deny comfort to those who need it. Only an introvert understands the gravity of opening yourself up like that and the emotional toll it takes.

When we do speak, it is often to explain in the face of misconceptions. The most famous introvert quotes focus on trying to explain a character trait so deeply ingrained that it is the fundamental driving force in our personality. Trying to explain the appeal of solitude or the joy of escaping into a good book is like trying to catch smoke. To truly understand, you have to have enjoyed the delight of seeing universes spring from a single thought or drifted on a stream of consciousness.

The rest of the world may think we are missing out on life when we indulge in solitude and quietness. Only we know that we live not one life, but many. Every book we read is another life we lead, however briefly. Every thought we dwell on unfolds into a new, temporary, abstract world. Every state of flow our minds enter into becomes an unconstrained universe where anything is possible. The great introvert quotes from history and literature give a fleeting look into a state of mind so unique it can never be described in words alone.

So why do we try then? Introverts are bound by their nature to try to understand the world around them, including their own nature. It can be difficult to put into words a though or concept that is clear in our minds. At times, language fails us but the abundance of deep, illuminating introvert quotes is a testament to our struggle to make sense of worlds, feelings, thoughts and concepts that only introverts can sense. It’s a gift and a curse, we can see things others will never but are forever destined to be misunderstood because of that gift.

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