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Entry Level Jobs For Introverts [Park Ranger to Freelancer]

So you’re an introvert.

You’re new to the job market.

Everything you can find is fast-paced or customer service focused. You tried a couple of these jobs but their high stress and they mess with your mental health or they just make you really tired.

These jobs just don’t fit your personality type. You don’t like all the small talk. You’re just like a job with more quiet time, less human interaction, a quiet working environment, without a lot of Social Butterflies.

You think the perfect job would just be sitting in front of a computer and maybe dealing with people every once in a while. You know… Remote work sounds great!

The problem is that a lot of those jobs require you to have a skill.

In this article, we go over entry-level jobs for introverts. Hope you can find something that works for you and it is available in your area. Lots of these jobs can be online jobs. So, then you are freelance so you’ll even get to pick the one you want to work.

You might have to start off not getting paid as much as you would like but as with most jobs if you get a good reputation you’ll be able to make decent money.

Personally, we feel the best option is for you to start your own business and start your own website. Look around the site for more information on starting your own website.

Building your own website to a good income does take some skills you may want to get paid freelance doing the skills you will need for your own business. That way you get paid and get experience at the same time.

If you’re interested in making your own website and making income through affiliate sales, display ads, or anything else check out this post as you do a quick rundown of what is required for you to start your own website and get going.

If you work hard at it you can have a decent income within two years and work on something that you enjoy. Right now would be a good time to start and you can get started with as little as $20 since all you need is a domain name and hosting. Go check out this article for a walkthrough of the different services and how to get started.

Freelance Work

Look around websites like Fiverr or Upwork. These sites are filled with people that are making money on the side or many times their full-time income.

Do you think you can do any of these things or does doing any of these things sound fun to learn? Lots of times the software needed for these are free or very inexpensive and then you just need to get yourself a good reputation.

List of jobs that you can easily find on Fiverr Upwork

  • Data entry
  • Social media management
  • Freelance writer / Content writing / Blogger
  • Web Developer
  • Video Editor / Youtube Editor
  • Audio Editor / Podcast Editor
  • Transcriptionist
  • Voiceovers

Entry level jobs for us introverted people

Data entry

If you look for jobs that might have the term analyst or data entry you might find a job you looking for. The problem with these jobs is that most of them don’t pay well. But if you move up just like any other job you can get to a better paying position.

Work at a plant nursery

Working at a plant nursery could be a good job because all you have to do is keep plants alive. You will have people that are in charge of you but for the most part get to go around and take care of plants, that’s a pretty low-stress job. Usually, these are minimum wage jobs and they require a little labor but you get to keep to yourself most of the time.

3rd shift jobs

This could be almost any position where the business needs a third shift, the middle hours’ nobody really wants. It also means that there are not many people coming around as customers.

Online customer support

have you ever seen those little talk bubbles on the bottom right of the website? I’m sure you know those are there for customer support. Do you know that most companies hire out that spot? In fact, many are Freelancers that do the job for a couple of different businesses. They interact with one piece of software that connects to all the different websites.


Lots of small factories all over the world need people to assemble parts no knowledge is really required since they teach you to do one specific thing and you just do it over and over and over. For these jobs everybody there just needs to keep to themselves and get their job done right. It might be fast-paced but really you just need to keep to yourself and do your job.

Retail store night stocking

You ever wondered when you show up at a supermarket in the morning everything looks perfect. Or at Costco the piles and piles of perfectly folded clothes right when they open.

The fact is that people work at these places almost 24 hours a day to make sure that the shelves are filled and everything looks great.

As an introvert, you’d probably like the job that started as soon as the store closed. Would you like the job of making sure that all the cereal boxes we’re perfectly inline stocked and there’s nobody else on your aisle?

TV classifications

You know when you are watching TV and you see the classification or rating for the show?

There are people that all they do is watch shows and rate these.

Their job is to sit and watch shows weeks before they come out to make sure that there’s nothing in the show that goes past certain classifications. This job doesn’t require a lot of education just a lot of time.

National Park fire tower watcher

If you’ve ever been out camping and you see a random building way out in the middle of nowhere there’s probably a national park ranger there.

Their job is to just keep watch over the forest that they can see so if anything happens they know right away and they can message for help or help if there’s any kind of a search going on in the area.

The majority of the days these Rangers sit alone in their towers.


Most of the time you’ll see the custodians have earplugs in. Their job is to make sure everything is clean not to interact with people. Or, if you are a custodian for the night shift you might not see anybody at all.

Working with animals

Most jobs working with animals do not have a lot of interaction with other people. As long as you’re okay with cleaning up after animals you can find a good job in animal care.

Amazon Shopper at Whole Foods

Now that Amazon owns Whole Foods there’s a new job that’s been made. These aren’t the people that actually deliver the groceries.

Their job is to wait for the tickets to come in and then do the shopping.

As soon as they’re done with the shopping they grab another ticket and do more shopping. Most of the people that I’ve seen doing this job have headphones in and just walk around the shopping cart fill it up and do it again.

Dog walking

Another opportunity that could be your own business is dog walking.

You’re going to have to make a sale but after your first meeting and making the sale you probably won’t have that much interaction with the owners of the dog.

Chances are they work and they just need somebody to come and let their dog out for a walk until they get home. A big benefit of this job is if you can get multiple in one neighborhood you can double, triple, or quadruple your income for that time.

Insurance claims processing

When there is a car accident you know you have to call somebody and tell them about everything that happened?

This usually isn’t the insurance agent because the insurance agent is more of a salesperson.

This is the claims reporting or processing. They is just to listen to phone calls all day and copy things down.

You also might just get the job of processing which means you don’t actually even have to copy anything down you just need to work through all of the stuff that has been copied down.

Security jobs

Night security or day security, most the time security officers do not have to worry about talking with anybody. They are allowed to just kind of walk around and do their thing because what they’re expected to do is just keep an eye out.

Garbage collection / Trash Man

Not much education needed to drive around a trash truck and they pay pretty well.

I guess the only bad thing about this is if you mind being seen as a garbage man or garbage gal.


This along with a lot of other trades can be a really well paying job with only a year or two in trade school. You work alone most of the time and you don’t need a lot of education aside from being good at the specific skill.

Graphic design

Now there’s a big distinction between professional graphic designers and just being able to do graphic design.

As mentioned earlier there are lots of freelance jobs for graphic design if you already have a good eye for design sometimes all you need is to learn how to use the software.

Social media management

There are lots of businesses that need people to help them with social media.

You’re probably already pretty good at social media. Just need to learn a few things that show you the right way to do it for a business.

Freelance writer

We already talked about freelance work ahead but one huge section of freelance work as freelance writing. Especially if you are a native English speaker there are lots of companies that are willing to pay a decent amount if you can write well.

For this job to work you need to build research and write quickly do you have a decent hourly wage but you can do the job whenever you would like.

Final thoughts

They’re a bunch of options here and there are a bunch more.

There are not that many high paying options without a degree but there are some if you go to trade school.

Again think what you really want is more freedom in what you have to do this really only comes with your own business. If you like plants, work at a nursery or at landscaping and start a website about plants or gardening.

Like cooking? Be a whole food shopper and start a food website.

Regardless of what your interest is you can probably find an entry level position to pay the bills while you start your own thing.

The beauty of the internet is if you write about something or put it on video you can probably get it to show up on Google or YouTube. Other people that like the same thing can follow you and anything they watch or anything they buy around your content can make you an income.

And also, once you make it, it doesn’t go away so it can keep earning for you while you make new content. To get this to work it take lots of hard work, dedication, and time but it does work.

Thanks for visiting Define introvert and we recommend you go over to our quick guide on how to get started on your own website

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