Introvert vs Loner – What Is The Difference

Some people think that being an Introvert and a Loner are the same thing but they aren’t at all! Being an introvert is different than being a loner in many ways so let’s get into it…

What Are You? An Introvert Or A Loner?

An introvert is defined as: “A person who prefers to spend time alone rather than among others.” On the other hand, a loner is described as: “Someone who spends most of his/her life by himself without any friends”.

These are also not to be mixed up with being shy people since extroverts can be shy and loners can be confident around people when they need to be.

What is an Introvert

An introvert personality type is someone who prefers to spend time alone rather than in groups. They may be shy, quiet, and prefer their own company. And, usually they do not want tot be the center of attention.

Common Introvert Personality Traits

  • They tend to keep themselves busy doing things on their own such as reading books, watching movies, playing video games, etc.
  • Introverted people usually don’t like crowds because they feel uncomfortable around them.
  • Introverted people usually love spending time with friends but in small groups and they could have a difficult time making new friends.
  • They enjoy spending time alone thinking about ideas and concepts.
  • They often need more sleep than normal people do.
  • Their favorite hobbies include writing, drawing, painting, music, sports, and anything else

Types of Introverts

Intuitive Introverts

These types of introverts tend to have strong feelings and emotions which can make them feel uncomfortable around large crowds. These individuals often find themselves more comfortable spending time alone reading books, writing poetry, listening to music, etc.

Logical Introverts

Logical introverts like to solve problems logically before making decisions. This type of individual tends to enjoy working on projects where there is no pressure involved.

Social Introverts

This type of introvert enjoys interacting with others when given the opportunity. However, these individuals do not seek out social interaction unless they really want to talk to you.

What Is A Loner

Loners are those who spend most of their lives by themselves without having any close friendships. Some loners choose to live alone while some only stay home during school breaks.

Common Signs Of A Loner

  • They rarely go anywhere except work or school.
  • They usually avoid going places where lots of people gather together.
  • They dislike parties and gatherings.
  • They hate meeting new people.
  • They don’t care much for small talk.

Types Of Loners

Independent Types

The independent type of loner doesn’t mind living alone if he has enough money to pay rent. He also likes to travel solo and explore new places.

Private Types

The private type of loner does not like to share personal information with anyone. If asked questions about him, he might answer very little.

Reclusive Types

The reclusive type of loner avoids contact with strangers. He dislikes loud noises and crowded areas.

What Is The Difference Between an Introvert and a Loner?

There’s actually quite a difference between being an introvert and being a loner. Many times introverts like being with people and not being alone.

I guess the biggest difference is that loners want to be alone most of the time where with introverts it isn’t that they want to be alone it is that they don’t mind being alone and will recharge when alone.

Are you a loner or an introvert?

Well you might be both or just one. Look over some of the common traits above and you can decide. Just remember this isn’t good or bad. It is just who you are.

It is thought that Introverts are that way from birth where loners learn to be loners through life experience.

Why Do People Become Loners?

Some people grow up in homes where they were never allowed to express their thoughts and feelings. They may even get punished for doing so. As a result, they develop negative attitudes towards other people.

Other reasons could be because they grew up in abusive families where they had to hide what was happening inside their heads. Or maybe they didn’t know how to deal with rejection as children. Whatever the reason, many people end up becoming loners later in life.

What makes someone an introvert?

Studies have shown that extroverts and introverts have different chemicals going on in the brain so maybe extroversion and introversion is something that we are born with.

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