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13 Awesome Gift Ideas for Introverts

I am an introvert.

You know – that person that sits and watches the world go by without saying much.

I’m sure you have friends like me and when it gets to buying them a gift, you haven’t a clue where to start.

I feel you.

Heck, sometimes even I don’t know what I would buy myself!
Come with me on a journey of my world to discover what makes me tick.

I promise it won’t be as strange (or scary) as what you may think.

Along the way, I’ll introduce you to some great ideas for gifts and show you why they’ll make me happy.

Are you game?


Just because I don’t talk as much as you do, it doesn’t mean that the thoughts, feelings and words are not churning around inside my head and soul.

I feel deeply and intensely, and I often need to get those pesky words out.

I simply choose not to share them with others as often as you do.

Writing is a liberating way for me to share without risk and I use it often when I need to turn inward reflection out, or simply to organize my thoughts.

Giving me a journal is a great way for you to tell me that you know I’m deeper than what shows on the surface, while not pressuring me to give you more than I’m willing or able.

Because you’re a freaking awesome friend, I might even show you some of the things I’ve written, but then again, I might not.

Nothing personal – it’s simply the way my head is wired.

Quiet People Have The Loudest Minds: Blank Lined Journal – 6×9 – Introvert Quotes

Noise Canceling Headphones

The world is loud and, at times, it becomes overwhelming.


I need to withdraw into my shell from time to time to process whatever is gnawing at me right now.

Maybe it’s fear.

Maybe it’s anxiety.

Maybe it’s simply a thought that struck and demands attention right now.
When I’m in my shell processing, you might experience me as distant, or zoned out. You may even mistakenly think that I’m angry.
Do you remember the last time that happened?Whatever it is, it’s much easier for me to focus without the usual bombardment of noise we all face daily.
Take away something’s voice and you take away its power.
Ironically, me wearing headphones is also a great tool for showing others that I’m in a different place, and it’s much better than hanging a big “Do not Disturb” sign around my neck, or trying to explain that I’m not angry.

Adult Coloring Book Kit

This one is a no-brainer.


My overactive mind could easily become nervous energy that can quickly turn destructive.

What better outlet than a coloring book? The ability to control little things, colors, what image to alter, or even just the sensation of adding life and beauty to something otherwise plain is a great feeling.

It’s also a great way to slow down, or block out the world, or to find a moment of focus in an otherwise over-stimulating world.

And who knows?
I might even invite you to color with me.
Quiet bonding time is an underrated joy of life, and I understand this more than you know.

Coffee Maker

Simplify! A single-cup brewing coffee maker is a dream for the friend who overthinks everything to death.

It’s one less thing to obsess over and worry about.

Besides, do you think I need a 12 cup coffee pot? Really?

Keurig K55 Single Serve Programmable K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker, Black

coffee mug

Because coffee, that’s why.Seriously though, bringing a smile to my lips is tough and when you achieve this, it proves your friend level is over 9000.


Sometimes the simplest way to go is the best, and this nails the simple while still proving you know me for who I am and love me anyway.

Because you do.
Admit it.

You love me.

I’m awesome and your life just wouldn’t be the same without me.
Sure, I love you too, but maybe, just maybe, I love coffee more.
Coffee makes life possible and stops many crimes from happening. It really does.
I almost choked someone this morning.


Because nothing reminds me of how very tiny we are than looking at endless worlds and possibilities that lie far beyond our puny grasp.


The vastness of space is an enigma I will likely spend close to a lifetime enjoying.

It reminds me that everything I face is really just a speck on the cosmic windshield, and that I’m a mere fleck of space dust that can get through this.

After all, the sheer odds of our existence is something many will struggle with for a lifetime.
Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope


Reading books is like being around people without the people part.

Buying me a book requires some knowledge from you.

At least a genre preference.

I like to study others from a safe distance.

This translates well into reading.

I can observe without actually risking anxiety that most social situations bring.

And if we’re being honest, everyone likes to become someone else sometimes, whether is a tough as nails chick killing vampires, a cop taking down the bad guys, or a child learning that dragons have hearts too.

Who doesn’t love books?

Crazy people.

Those people scare me.

You don’t like books, I don’t like you.

Get out of my house.

Alternately, you could go with titles that will help me understand myself better.

Books like: Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

The Introvert’s Way: Living a Quiet Life in a Noisy World (Perigee Book)

The Introvert Advantage

Netflix gift cards

netflix gift ideas for introverts

Come on, this goes without saying.

I am deeply self-aware, and that’s an exhausting state of being.

Sometimes an escape into a fantasy world allows a brief reprieve from all the intensity digging away at me.

And it doesn’t require you to know any pesky details that might be impossible to wrangle from me (I am after all your not-so-forthcoming introvert friend).

Trust me – a subscription to Netflix will be the kind of gift that blows me away.

Unless I already have one.

Then things will be awkward.
Netflix Gift Cards – E-mail Delivery Gift Card

This is the perfect “just because” gift.


It means I can shop when I’m feeling up to it for whatever strikes my fancy.

Given that I read more than 100 books per year, and the subjects and genres are all over the place, you have very little chance of finding the right book for me.

Giving me a gift card allows me to pick and I’ll love you for it.

Rubik’s Cube Game

A Rubik’s Cube is the best retro gift that exists.


With my incredibly agile mind, I love puzzles and the Rubik’s cube is the ultimate in-your-hands-puzzle! Any other puzzles are also welcome – just make sure they’re not too easy.

I need the challenge.

The Cube: Turns Quicker and More Precisely Than Original; Super-durable With Vivid Colors; Best-selling 3×3 Cube; Easy Turning and Smooth Play

Realistic Glow in the Dark Stars

Because we discussed my love of the stars and what the vastness of space means to me.

Bringing a tiny part of this feeling into my home is a way to remind me when it’s maybe too cold to go outside to see the real thing.
Realistic Glow in the Dark Stars 

Fire HD 6 Tablet

gift ideas for introverts hd fire amazon

If you’re worried about possibly getting a book I will hate, go broader.


Get me a device I can use to read my vast library.

That way I can hide out in my safe space and enjoy a favorite pastime.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even discuss my unique take on a book we’ve both read.
Stranger things have happened.
Fire HD 6 Tablet, 6″ HD Display, Wi-Fi, 16 GB

bonsai tree

gift ideas for introverts bonsai tree
It’s like a friend I don’t have to be nervous around.


If I talk, it listens if only because it can’t get up and walk away.

But let’s be honest, you don’t think I’m crazy enough to talk to a tree, right?


So, yeah.

If you’re not aware, a Bonsai Tree is an artificially stunted tree or shrub.

It’s as unique as I am, and it’s beautiful.

I hope I don’t forget to water it!
Zen Reflections Juniper Bonsai

I hope you found this amusing. All generalizations are based on my personal experience as an introvert. Although I’m not the yardstick to measure by, I’d like to think I understand enough to offer a helpful perspective on the subject. Be kind, you never know what battle your fellow human is facing.

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