Who is behind defineintrovert.com ?

  • Who I Am:

    My name is Serge Souprayen. I am an astrological Libra, the scales of justice, and a dog in Chinese astrology, which represents honesty and sincerity.
  • What I Do:

    I hide behind my pc monitor solving wordpress problems. My mind is a machine that functions optimally alone. I am not one to share my secrets.
  • What Keeps Me Moving:

    My strong body. My mind and body and I go to workout at the gym faithfully. I install strength to my body just like java installs programs on my pc.
  • What I Like:

    I am obsessed with Science Fiction films. I truly believe that the truth we seek is out there in the cosmos. I like to enjoy my own company. I am never bored when I’m alone.
  • What I Love:

    Two of the best accomplishments I’ve made in my life are Deshon and xavian, my two beautiful son, created together with my lovely extroverted wife.
  • A.K.A.:

    “The Geek”, “The Nerd”, “A Weirdo”, “That Shy Guy”, “Smart Dude”
  • Random Facts:

    I went to a disco in high school and drank way too much alcohol. I approached a girl to tell her how beautiful she was and, instead, puked all over her face. That marked the end of my disco nights.
  • I have a tattoo of the Libre sign on my right bicep. My father forbid his children to get tattoos. He has since passed on, but he never found out about my secret marking I kept hidden for so long.

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